St. Paul's  Church uses a variety of  different technologies.  This includes hardware, software, printing, Internet applications., networking, and Audio & Video.

We use Dell computers  which

is the industry standard.  We have 

both Desktop PC's and Laptops.

The church computers runs on the Windows 10 operating system and we use Microsoft Office 16 to run our main applications.  This includes Word, Excel, Power Point, One note, and Outlook.

                                                                  Our printing needs is done  by an advanced Canon multi function                                                                                           Laser printer.  This unit allows us to print  on nearly every paper size                                                                                     and can fold and staple as well. It can also scan and email documents in                                                                                 seconds and is used for faxing as well. 

Our website is hosted by the Go-Daddy application service.  It has been designed by our staff independently  and is updated daily.  Our internal email system is provided by Go Daddy as well.   

We use a website application;  "Constant Contact" to send out emails.  This program allows us to create emails and send them directly to our members.  We have created certain groups to send the emails out as well. For example,  we have a group that has all of our members included, and a second group which is called Newsletter.  The  Newsletter group includes just the members that would like to receive them, where other members may not so they are excluded from the group.

The church has open Wifi in every signal room and

building throughout the church property.  On Sunday

Mornings,  come to the Parish Hall and have a Doughnut

and Coffee and catch up with all of your latest news for the day.

Every Sunday and special events requires Audio and Video throughout the sanctuary.  The system that provides this is located in the back left corner of the sanctuary.

If you have any questions and or want to learn more about our technology, we welcome  you to contact Craig McAlpin. He is in the church office daily or you can contact him by email at