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The mission of the St. Paul’s Christian Education program is to

nurture spiritual growth that enables people to embody

Christ’s Way of peace, justice, and service.

In order to accomplish our educational mission, we commit:
1. To provide a safe environment for people of all ages to learn;
2. To offer multiple opportunities in which to learn; and
3. To show love and respect to all persons.

Educational Ministry for Young Children
Christian Education classes for children in Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade take place during the 10:30am worship service. Following a short message for the children during the worship service, children are led to their classrooms where they experience a fun, engaging learning experience. Children learn foundational stories of scripture and explore the meaning of scripture through games, crafts, and singing.

Confirmation Program
Our confirmation program for teenagers provides a basic background in biblical literature, church history, and the core principles of the United Church of Christ. The central aim of the confirmation program is to inspire learners to participate in a lifelong journey of spiritual growth and action.

Adult Classes and Enrichment
We offer multiple learning opportunities for adults. The 9:00am Sunday class and the Wednesday 7:00pm enrichment group provide settings for adults to explore the complexities of the journey of faith in today’s world in light of biblical teachings. Our adult classes are led by facilitators who encourage rich discussion that inspires critical and creative thinking. We believe that God speaks to us through the Bible and through the presence of the Holy Spirit who speaks to our minds, imaginations, and hearts today.

                                                                                 Additional Activities of the St. Paul’s Church Christian Education Program
Skits and songs during worship Super Bowl Sunday collection for Backpack program 
Movie nights with dinner
Lenten devotionals
Palm Saturday family activities
Easter Egg Hunt
Packing food for the Backpack program
Mother’s Day gifts
Father’s Day gifts
Vacation Bible School
Outings to local sporting events
Celebration Sunday
Christmas caroling and dinner