A Message from Pastor Paul Forrey

Our message series for Lent this year will feature readings from the book of Joshua. At the start of the book, Moses and the Israelites have left Egypt and then spent forty years journeying in and out of the wilderness—a time of learning to trust God implicitly and to know themselves fully. As the Israelites gaze across the Jordan River to the promised land, Moses is now gone and Joshua assumes leadership. The book of Joshua then recounts the story of the conquest of Palestine.aph here.


          The book contains long sections that make for difficult reading. A large chunk of the book contains stories about violence planned and directed by God. Other sections contain details about how the land is divided up among the Israelite tribes and families. We’ll mention these sections, but not focus on them. Instead we will focus on the major themes of the book—trusting God and following where God leads into a new land. As we talk about how this theme is developed through narratives in the book, we’ll consider how these themes connect with our experience today. Whether we are exploring new directions for our personal or professional lives or are exploring new directions for our church’s ministries, we know what it’s like to take steps into the future trusting God to lead us.
I will focus on congregational connections with themes raised in the book of Joshua. Our congregation stands at a major decision point in our history. Are we going to be a congregation that holds on to mid-twentieth century patters of ministry, education, and worship, or are we going to seek patterns that connect effectively with people in a new century? What would it mean for us to decide to step faithfully into God’s future today?  .