The steward and co-steward are members of the church’s council that meet every month. The church’s budget is discussed during the monthly council meeting.  The monthly income and monthly expenses are discussed.

Stewardship is a small committee that communicates to the council and the congregation of the finances of the church. The collection total from each Sunday is the church’s bulletin the next Sunday bulletin. Collection is counted by volunteers after each Sunday service.

 Stewardship is the committee that works on recruiting as many members as possible to assist in all church’s activities. (Volunteers for coffee every Sunday, help with Lawn Fete, and all other church activities.)

Each church member is seen as a steward for the church. The church members time and talent are as much as value as the gifts of money.  Stewards help find ways to utilize everyone’s talent for the mission of the church.

The Stewardship committee assists in the long term planning for the church, the long term planning of  buildings and the acquired property across from the church. Communication to the congregation of future plans for the church and its renovations are updated periodically during the church services.